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Clara & Fritz

Calendula Tallow Balm

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Our Calendula Tallow Balm may be simple...but it works. The combined healing powers of tallow and calendula makes for a powerhouse balm that can be used for eczema, burns, scars, scrapes, and dry, chapped skin. 

When your product only has a few ingredients, the ingredients really matter. This all-natural balm is made using beef tallow from pasture-raised cows in southern New Jersey, organic cold-pressed Italian olive oil infused with organic calendula flowers, and features Maillette Lavender Oil grown and distilled by Field and Flock Lavender Farm in Alloway, NJ.

Ingredients: grass-fed tallow, organic cold-pressed olive oil, organic calendula, 100% Pure USA beeswax, maillette lavender essential oil at a .25% dilution

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