Tallow Facial Care Bundle

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This bundle includes everything you need to simplify and complete your facial skincare routine using tallow products.

This bundle includes:
pink grapefruit tallow sugar scrub (4oz)
clear complexion moisturizer (2oz)
lightly scented oil cleanser (2oz)
counterpane night cream (2oz)

How to use the items included:

Pink grapefruit sugar scrub - Use this scrub 1-2 times per week to exfoliate the skin before applying moisturizer before bedtime. Apply and rinse with a washcloth.

Clear complexion moisturizer - use as a daily facial moisturizer before applying makeup in the morning.

Lightly scented oil cleanser - use to remove makeup daily and to cleanse the face. Rinse with a washcloth.

Counterpane night cream - use as a daily night cream on the face (or anywhere!) for extra overnight moisturizing and protection.