The Power of True Nourishment and a Thriving Metabolism

The Power of True Nourishment and a Thriving Metabolism

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A guest blog post by Tayler Magee

A few years ago, I was at a low with my health. For a long time, I had convinced myself that the symptoms I was facing were all in my head (as I think many of us do).

What started out as feeling a little more tired than normal turned into feeling physically ill (sore throat, no energy, difficulty holding a conversation, etc) everyday after 2pm. This started to impact every area of my life, but especially my career as a trainer & health coach where I frequently had afternoon/evening clients.

What started out as being a little more irritable turned into losing my cool any time there was a hairline trigger… in these instances I KNEW that the situation/trigger really wasn’t a big deal, but it felt as if I had no control of my frustration. It ruined many good days and made it hard to remain present & grateful for all of the blessings that I had in my life.

What started out as being a little less affectionate and connected in my relationship turned into a non-existent sex drive & the inability to just slow my brain down & relax with my husband.

What started out as difficulty falling asleep at night turned into hours of laying awake at night unable to “turn my brain off”, waking up multiple times throughout the night, and struggling to get up and feel awake/alert even after 10 hours of sleep.

What started out as a random incident where I broke out in hives after a workout turned into daily skin irritation any time my body temperature heated up (baths, workouts, walking, stress, etc)

What started out as my body being a little more “stubborn” than I expected as I worked towards a physique goal, turned into my body fighting fat loss no matter how perfect I was with my strategic, individualized fitness & nutrition plan.

What started out as a month of not getting my period after getting off of birth control turned into 10 months - no signs of proper hormonal fluctuations, ovulation, or periods.

What started out as a little bit of extra hair falling out in the shower turned into clumps of hair falling out, huge dark circles around my eyes, thinning of my lips, and loss of life in my skin (pale & dull).

There were other smaller things like constantly having cold hands & feet, but you get the point… my physical symptoms spiraled to the point where I could no longer pretend they were in my head or simply blame them on my busy schedule.

These symptoms hugely impacted my self love and view of my body. It was hard not to feel hate for my body when it was “failing” me on a daily basis. I remember being at my breaking point: down on my knees, crying out in frustration after praying for healing for so long and only getting worse. Over the next several months, God slowly and strategically placed people, information, and external confirmations in front of me that pointed me to the truth I am now so passionate about: we have the ability to heal and experience health in our bodies like never before if we nourish our bodies (on and off of the plate) the way God intended for us to.

I read countless books, went back to school, and continued to make small shifts in my lifestyle, diet, and exercise. Today, every one of those symptoms have faded away & I truly feel like I’ve been given a “second chance” in life.

Even through extremely busy or stressful weeks, I don’t feel the severe exhaustion that was previously a daily occurrence. The dark circles around my eyes are gone. If you put pictures side by side (then & now) you’d think I got lip injections, a facelift, and have some medical grade skin care (oh and tons of new hair growth). I feel so much more at peace & able to handle stressors while remaining grateful & in control of my thoughts/feelings. I ovulate every month, start my period on the exact day that I am expecting it, and have zero PMS. My social battery is restored. I fall asleep easily & wake up in the morning energized and ready for the day without caffeine. My marriage is thriving and I feel more connected with my husband than I ever have in our 9 years together. I easily maintain weight & if I go into a fat loss focused season, my body responds well.

I can’t tell you how grateful I am to be on the other side of things… enjoying life and loving my body more than I could’ve ever imagined, but I CAN tell you that I owe it all to God and what He’s taught me about true nourishment. This has completely shifted my health coaching practice, as I now feel that it’s my assignment to pay it forward and help other women who are where I once was. If that’s you, I want to invite you to connect with me in whatever way serves you best:

Instagram is where I share information, all sides of healing, and daily encouragement: @taylermagee_fitness.

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