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Whipped Tallow Balm, Tallow-Based Facial Moisturizer, Lip Balm, Tallow Sun Balm, and More

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Whipped Tallow Balm

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Nicole from Clara and Fritz
– Hi, I'm Nicole –

I'm a homeschooling mom of four who loves to read and garden. All of my tallow products are synthetic fragrance-free, artificial color-free, petroleum-free, and are handmade in tiny batches using real ingredients.

About Clara & Fritz
Tallow Balm
– What is Beef Tallow? –

Beef tallow has been used as a natural skincare for centuries. It is the original body butter. Easily absorbed by the the body's cell membranes, it contains anti-inflammatory properties and vitamins A, D, E, K and B12. Tallow balm is very compatible with the oils already naturally found on our skin, making it the perfect choice for clean skin care.

– The Shift To Tallow-Based Skincare –

Once I started seeking out alternatives for what I put in my body, I became more aware of what I put on my body in the form of makeup, skincare, and even the cleaning products that come into contact with our skin on a daily basis.

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