What Are the Benefits of Tallow Balm?

What Are the Benefits of Tallow Balm?

Posted by Nicole Moore on

We're Here to Answer Your FAQs about Tallow Balm

People often ask if tallow balm is worth the price. Will it make your skin look and feel better? The answer is absolutely, yes! 

If you're looking for an all-natural skin care product that won't damage your skin, tallow balm or whipped tallow balm are great alternatives to traditional cosmetics and lotions.

The main benefits of tallow balm:

  • Naturally-derived
  • Feeds your skin with vitamins
  • Non-petroleum based
  • Non-allergenic
  • Non-comedogenic (doesn't clog pores)
  • It feels great on the skin!

Beef tallow has been used as a natural skincare for centuries. It is the original body butter. Easily absorbed by the the body's cell membranes, it contains anti-inflammatory properties and vitamins A, D, E, K and B12. Tallow is naturally compatible with the oils already naturally found on our skin, making it the perfect choice for clean skin care.

All-natural tallow balm will feed your skin with essential vitamins and fatty acids that leave your skin moisturized and nourished. Ever since I started used whipped tallow balm on my face and neck, my husband has commented on how soft my skin feels!

Tallow balms have been known to heal eczema and dry skin, and is safe for those with sensitive skin. Whipped tallow balm can be used on any type of skin, including acne prone skin types. Beef tallow is often used by people who have eczema because they contain no fragrances or preservatives which could irritate the skin condition.

If you have adult acne, you know how stressful it can be to find skin care products that won't sting or cause discomfort and won't clog your pores. These types of cosmetics can be expensive and are full of chemicals you can't even pronounce. 

Clara & Fritz tallow balm is natural and safe for people with acne and won't cause irritation or inflammation.

The human skin absorbs beef tallow and olive oil incredibly well, so our tallow balm won't leave you feeling greasy or slippery. After trying our whipped tallow balm, our customers first comment is usually, "wow, it feels so light!" 


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