What is Whipped Tallow Balm?

Posted by Adam Moore on

Whipped tallow balm is a wonderful skin cosmetic that feels light and delicate on the skin, improving the look and feel with just a small amount each day. The consistency of whipped tallow balm feels like a light cake icing.

Whipped tallow balm should feel soft and pure like an expensive moisturizer lotion. It's not sticky or greasy, but absorbs quite easily on the skin and leaves you feeling fresh and clean. It's the perfect hand cream or body lotion to prevent skin dryness.

The ingredients of whipped tallow balm typically include whipped beef tallow mixed with organic olive oil and all-natural essential oils for fragrence. Unscented tallow balm is also popular for those with an aversion to scent.

Instead of using hand and body lotions that have petroleum, seed or soy oils, and other chemicals, try tallow balm and feel the difference!


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