Tallow Balm Clara and Fritz

What is Tallow Balm?

Tallow balm is a great choice for those looking to avoid the toxic, hormone disrupting ingredients found in mass-produced beauty creams and lotions. Tallow balm is typically made from rendered beef tallow, organic olive oil, and often essential oils for fragrance.

The two types of tallow balm are natural and whipped tallow balm, which is lighter and easy to apply - it's a hand lotion with the texture of light icing.

The ingredients found in typical beauty products are meant to extend shelf life and they allow the product to be made inexpensively. The best tallow balm is made in small batches with as few ingredients as possible. 

Tallow balm made using pure ingredients have a shelf life of up to 12 months depending on the temperature at which the products are stored. 

Beef tallow has been used as a natural skincare for centuries. It is the original body butter and a toxin-free cosmetic. Easily absorbed by the the body's cell membranes, it contains anti-inflammatory properties and vitamins A, D, E, K and B12. Tallow is very compatible with the oils already naturally found on our skin, making it the perfect choice for clean skin care.

It's be to keep tallow balm in a cool place if at all possible. Grass-fed tallow is solid at room temperature but will begin to soften and melt at high temperatures.

Use a small amount on the face or body. A little goes a long way!

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